Dennis Deery

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

May 29, 2005

Keith Ferrazzi has been writing a column for Fast Company Magazine, sharing his networking secrets. A master networker who counts Bill Clinton, Jack Valenti and countless other powerful people as members of his network, has some good tidbits to share. I meet a lot of people in business who believe that networking is about finding people who can do things for you - finding sales targets. Mr. Ferrazzi repeatedly makes the point that true networking is finding people for whom you can do things, with the knowledge that all of business is about give-and-take. In my opinion this is a point that can’t be made often enough. Networking is about a long-term investment in people. You have to truly care about people to be a successful networker.

Mr. Ferrazzi’s company is Ferrazzi Greenlight,

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