Dennis Deery

Get That Man a Job!

February 20, 2009

David Jones recently lost his job. He quickly sat down and wrote a book about his experiences. A friend of ours, the ever-sunny Maryrose Lyons of Brightspark Consulting in Dublin, heard David talking about his book on the radio. She decided to tap her network to create a web site and marketing push for David and his book - in a week! A web designer, web developer, artist, photographer and several marketing folks all came together to pull off this project. We came in at the tail end and helped out by putting the designer’s work onto David’s new Wordpress blog. You can check out David’s new web site here, and read his new blog here.

Congrats to everyone who pitched in on this project, and thanks to Maryrose for pulling it all together. The economy may be dark today, but good things are still happening.

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